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1. Will you do my bookkeeping?

No, I am not an accountant or a bookkeeper, although I work with both for my business and understand what they do and how they work. Bookkeepers focus on putting the numbers in the right place and help you keep count. Accountants help you with tax planning, strategy and filing. What I do is help you use what the bookkeeper and accountant share with you so you can make great decisions in your business, and for yourself personally. 


2. Do I need to have all of my books in order to work with you?

No, but you will need to set this up to reach your goals. If you don't have this set up yet or you have something set up that isn't really working, I can help you think through what you actually need so you can work with a bookkeeper to set it up. 


3. How is working with you different than a business coach or a bookkeeper?

Most business coaches are focused on helping you grow your business by increasing sales, and supporting you to take action. Bookkeepers give you reports and keep score of what comes in and goes out. I am trained as a coach, I have done my own bookkeeping, I've helped people analyze and understand data for over 20 years to make business decisions, but what I really do is help you think through all the decisions you have to make, using the numbers as our guide. My superpower is where the intellect and intuition and where the head and heart come together.  

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