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10 Numbers that will Help You Avoid Business Mistakes

​If you know them and know what they mean to you and your business. 

1. Monthly Revenue Billed & Received – Am I selling enough? Am I receiving all the money that is supposed to be coming in?  

2. Monthly Revenue Received – Am I receiving enough from the revenue generated? Is the business receiving enough?

3. Monthly Expenses Incurred – What is it costing to generate my revenue?  

4. Monthly Expenses Paid – Is my cash out more or less than my cash in?  

5. Accounts Receivable & Payable – What money is still coming in? And what money still needs to go out?  

6. Base Expense and Burn Rate – What does it cost to just run this business each month/year? What are my base expenses not directly tied to sales? What do I have to make each month?  

7. Sales by Offering – What percentage of my revenue is coming from where? What is supporting the financial foundation of my business?  

8. Profit Margin by Offering – What are the profit margins for each of my offerings? Are these healthy profit margins for this kind of offering?  

9. Cash Flow Reflection - What happened to the money last month? Last quarter?  

10. Cash Flow Projection – What revenue, expenses and net income can I expect based on what I have planned? Do I need more? Is there enough? What are the risks?  

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