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Noah Martin
Business & Decision Making Analyst & Advisor 

This is where I come in. I help business owners know and understand their numbers so they can make good decisions for their business, and for themselves.

Working with numbers for over twenty years, analyzing both the data and the bigger story, running my own businesses, and helping others make sense out of the numbers, I’ve learned a lot about what data really matters to help entrepreneurs make wise choices. And it’s more than your P/L and accounts receivable can tell you. I’ve written more about what I’ve seen and what I do.


Take a read below.  

If this sounds like something that would support you in:  

  • Understanding your current business cycles, profit drivers/drainers, and more 

  • Stabilizing your business to have more consistency and more capacity to handle the ebbs and flows

  • Growing your business by making smart choices about where to focus your effort and life force for the best returns, short, mid and long term

  • Making changes or new investments in your current business or potential business  

You’ll find my contact information below. Many of my clients are personal referrals, and I do currently have space for a few new clients who are desiring to know their numbers so they can make wiser choices that lead to creating businesses that thrive, and payoff for you personally.

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